Join the SHORE Community Platform

Registrations on the SHORE Community Platform are now open!

Designed as an open-source virtual learning environment and education management system, the SHORE Community platform includes games to make learning more exciting by awarding badges and certificates to students.

It’s already possible to register on the platform to enjoy the online games described below!

The “Discover” section offers fun and educational activities that users can experience. These activities address key issues related to ocean literacy while enriching users’ experiences and increasing their knowledge.

You can access 2 interactive games:

  • DeepBlue Knowledge Challenge – Challenge your friends to see how much they know about Oceans and Rivers!

  • Aquaquest Guardians of the Waterworld Game – Collect waste from our Oceans and Rivers to save biodiversity!

With our Community platform, you can also calculate your carbon and water footprint!

  • Footprint Calculator – Calculate your footprint.

For more information about the SHORE community platform, visit our webpage.