Community platform

A Community Platform to maximise the impact of blue projects

Community platform

A Community Platform to maximise the impact of blue projects

The SHORE Community Platform

Exploring Water and Ocean Education: Engaging Young Minds

Designed as an open-source virtual learning environment and education management system created to maximize the impact of learning, this system will include:

The platform will provide educational materials for students, teachers, and schools to increase ocean and water literacy. These materials will include basic knowledge on ocean and water topics and will be suitable for primary and secondary school levels.

Schools will be able to develop projects in line with their sustainability goals. These projects will be uploaded and monitored on the platform. The platform can be used to track the progress and success of projects.

The platform will be developed on an open-source software as a learning and education management system. It will facilitate students’ and teachers’ access to educational materials and activities and enhance the learning experience.

The platform will be able to visualize the defined criteria, provide data control and data entry. This will allow principals, teachers, and parents to track students’ progress.

Students and schools will be included in the scoring algorithm as they join the platform. In addition, the gamification system will make it more interesting by awarding badges and certificates to students.

The platform will be used to organize international public voting and select projects. This will increase public participation and interaction.

The platform will continue running for 5 years after the project delivery date. This will support sustainability goals on a long-term basis.

The platform and materials will be open to everyone, but only authorized users can comment or interact within the platform on relevant project documents.