Trainings and Courses

The SHORE water literacy curricula

Trainings and Courses

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Tools for implementing the SHORE water literacy curricula in classroom instruction, network with other teachers and participate in activities supported by Horizon Europe

Teacher Training

Training for teachers to implement the SHORE
water literacy curricula in your classroom

Specialised instructions will be created to help teachers meet the cognitive abilities of compulsory-education students in age groups 7-10, 11-14, and 15-18.

Coming soon – SHORE’s Teacher Training MOOC
  • Community of practice
Network with other teachers implementing
the SHORE curricula in their classrooms

The SHORE Community of Practice will be a virtual space where teachers can access the curricula as well as a repository of material relevant to the topics of water literacy around oceans, sea, rivers, and lakes.

  • Participate in SHORE’s actions
Twinning, Network of European Blue Schools, Blue School Projects Funding

We make it easy for you to participate in a wide variety of actions sponsored by SHORE, including establishing twinning partnerships between schools and supporting three open calls for funding blue school projects.


Water literacy courses for students in primary-, middle- and secondary-school compulsory education

Curriculum designed for knowledge deepening of various topics around water literacy aimed at transforming students into agents of change. The SHORE curricula water literacy coursework will be an interdisciplinary approach to active learning towards deepening students’ knowledge while equipping them with problem-solving skills to explore contemporary water-related challenges such as plastics pollution, water scarcity and food waste under the over-arching theme of climate change.

Our courses will soon be available