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An open innovation community

Join the Mission Oceans Helix

Raising awareness of ocean literacy in society, with a particular focus on empowering students as agents of change

SHORE will launch the Mission Oceans Helix, the latest international open innovation community to be hosted on the Crowdhelix platform.

The Mission Oceans Helix is an international open innovation community of experts from academia, education and training in the blue economy, water and marine ecosystems and related fields.

Launched with a specific focus on driving impact, leveraging resources and facilitating knowledge dissemination, the Helix will play a critical role in supporting the broader Mission Oceans community’s goal of improving the health and sustainability of our oceans and waters. The Helix is anchored by the SHORE project and led by the SHORE Coordinator, Yildiz Technical University.

The key functionalities of the Mission Oceans Helix include:

Bring on board stakeholders from over 650 organisations (schools, academia, research, general public, policy makers, NGOs, etc.) and from 50 countries to collaborate, innovate and grow.

Act as a platform where stakeholders and citizens can come together to discuss, share ideas, and formulate innovative approaches, fostering the exploitation of synergies among members.

Provide a centralised facility for sharing relevant information on topics of interest within the stakeholder community, serving as a repository for resources related to ocean research, innovation, and education.