Join the Mission Oceans Helix

Empowering Ocean Literacy and Collaboration

The Mission Oceans Helix is now open for membership, and we are very happy to invite you to join us in this exciting initiative.
The Mission Oceans Helix is a dynamic community hosted on the Crowdhelix platform. Crowdhelix, a global collaboration platform for researchers and innovators, uses proprietary AI technologies to connect universities, research centres and companies worldwide. By leveraging these cutting-edge tools, Crowdhelix enables organisations to plan, develop and fund groundbreaking collaborative projects, driving research and innovation.

Anchored by the SHORE project and led by the SHORE Coordinator at Yildiz Technical University, the Mission Oceans Helix is a brand-new initiative dedicated to raising awareness of ocean literacy and empowering students as agents of change. The helix unites experts from academia, education, and training in the blue economy, water, marine ecosystems, and related fields. The helix mission is clear: to drive impact, leverage resources, and facilitate knowledge dissemination in support of the broader Mission Oceans community’s goal to enhance the health and sustainability of our oceans and waters.

Joining the Mission Oceans Helix on Crowdhelix offers opportunities for collaboration, innovation and impact in ocean conservation and sustainability. Helix members will have exclusive access to a range of features that enable active participation and collaboration within the Mission Oceans community. These features include:

  • Publish collaboration opportunities and results: allowing members to share and showcase their initiatives and outcomes, promoting transparency and knowledge-sharing within the community.
  • Offer their expertise: Helix members can contribute their expertise by providing insights, knowledge, and specialised skills. This collaborative exchange of expertise creates a dynamic environment for learning and innovation.Engage with a diverse network of experts and organisations facilitating meaningful connections, encouraging collaboration, and promoting the exchange of ideas within the Mission Oceans Helix.

Join the Mission Oceans Helix to access valuable features and become an integral part of a collaborative community dedicated to advancing ocean literacy and sustainability. Together we can drive positive change and create a better future for our oceans and waters.

Join us at the Mission Oceans Helix and unlock the potential of global collaboration to drive research and innovation forward. Together, let’s make a difference for oceans and waters.